In February 2015, WFP started remote phone-based data collection and food security monitoring in Iraq through the mVAM (mobile Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping) approach. Survey respondents are contacted via live calls, and asked to respond to a short series of questions on food markets and household food consumption and coping.


Bulletin Title Month Year English Arabic
25 Lack of incomes cited as causing food insecurity in newly liberated areas of Mosul 02 2017  
3 Emergency Flash Update: Mosul 01 2017  
24 Returnees to Telafar liberated areas face rising food insecurity 01 2017  
2 Flash Update: Mosul 12 2016  
23 IDPs use more severe coping strategies 11 2016  
1 Flash Update: Gogjali - Focus on Mosul 11 2016  
22 Food insecurity on the rise for IDPs 10 2016  
21 Food security deteriorates in Diyala as more people return to their homes 09 2016  
20 Food insecurity increases in districts affected by new displacement 08 2016  
19 Food insecurity increases across the country, especially among IDPs 07 2016  
18 Food security worsens in Ninewa and food prices soar in Fallujah 05 2016  
17 Concerns over rising food prices in Fallujah and increasing food insecurity in Ninewa 04 2016
Flash Update: Anbar 04 2016
16 Although PDS access has improved, IDPs are using more negative coping strategies 03 2016
Flash Update: Anbar 03 2016
15 Conflict-disrupted supply lines are resulting in shortages of basic food commodities and high food prices in parts of Anbar 02 2016  
Flash Update: Anbar 02 2016  
14 Household food security begins to shows signs of improvement. High food prices ensue in parts of Anbar directly affected by most recent wave of conflict and displacement 01 2016
13 Food security indicators continue to be poor in Ninewa and Duhok 12 2015  
12 Food insecurity persists among internally displaced. Food prices on the rise in Anbar 11 2015
11 Food security indicators continue to be poor in Anbar and Ninewa governorates, and for IDPs 10 2015
10 End of Ramadan-related improvements in food security. Price increases resume in Anbar 09 2015
9 Although access to food improves, a record high percentage resort to negative coping 08 2015
8 Trend of increasing food insecurity persists in Anbar and Ninewa 07 2015
7 Food consumption deteriorates in Anbar 06 2015  
6 Food security worsens for IDPs in Anbar as conflict and displacement increase 05 2015  
5 Conflict affects food security in central and northern governorates 04 2015  
4 Conflict drives food insecurity in Ninewa and Anbar 03 2015  
3 Conflict disrupts food markets in Anbar, Salah Al-Din and Kirkuk 03 2015