Seasonal Monitor

The "Seasonal Monitor" webpage as a complement to the regular Seasonal Monitor reports. This webpage provides real time satellite data streams and seasonal forecasts to highlight changes in the progression of the agricultural season that may be of concern. This analysis is also presented in Power Point and report format.


Food and Commodity Prices Data Store

The "Food and Commodity Prices Data Store" provides market price information on the most commonly consumed staples to strengthen food security analysis in the countries in which WFP operates. It aims to make available a source of information and analysis to aid professionals, scholars, students and anyone interested in food security, and is the data source for VAMs Market related publications (The Market Monitor, Price Markets and Bulletins, Market Assessments).


Assessment Tracking Database

This "Assessment Tracking Database" is a key tool for WFP to strengthen its planning and accountability for food security analysis activities. It helps to: align assessment schedules with WFP's operations and strategies, track corporate performance indicators on partnerships and the number of operations supported by VAM, and expand the use and analysis of assessment related information.


Assessors Database

The "Assessors Database" will facilitate efforts to identify experienced staff to conduct assessments and assess future training needs. The database relies on a systematic stock-taking of assessment related skills and experiences of WFP staff and partners.


Learning Toolkit

The "Learning Toolkit" website provides easy access to information and resources on food security analysis learning opportunities and training events.


Resource Center

The "VAM Resource Center" A collaborative space for food security professionals to gain skills, access tools and share knowledge useful for conducting WFP assessments.


VAM SDI - Spatial Data Infrastructure

The "VAM SDI - Spatial Data Infrastructure" contains VAM online mapping services and metadata


VAM Monitoring system

The "VAM Monitoring System" is a monthly reporting tool for VAM officers to report on food security indicators and issues at country level


Data Management System

The "Data Management System" is a repository that facilitates analysts' sharing of files and provides simple tools for analysis.


IHSN - Household Survey Metadata Catalog

The "IHSN Household survey metadata catalog" is a metadata catalog for CFSVA microdata datasets